Healing Centers

Healing Centers in the Upper Midwest...and Beyond

The following are Healing Centers in the Upper Midwest & Beyond. The Edge publishes Featured Business in its print edition every month except June and November, when The Edge Directory appears in print. The Edge encourages you to use these resources to support your journey in life. To appear in The Edge’s Featured Business listings, contact Cathy at 763.433.9291 or email her at cathy@edgemagazine.net.

A New Beginning, Cody Cooper, 612.501.5312, cody@anewbeginning.lifeMatt Ebeling, 612.655.4178, matt@anewbeginning.life •  www.anewbeginning.life —- Intuitive Healing, Reiki, Psychic Readings and Massage: A New Beginning is a Spiritual Center offering Reiki with Intuitive readings, psychic readings, massage, and guided healing meditations to promote optimal health and wellness. Based in Rochester, MN.

Seraphim Blueprint, www.DivineBiosphere.com -— Receive attunement of the Divine Biosphere created by Divine Mother &  Seraphim Angels.  Be permanently protected from negative energies and entities. Dramatically increase the power and magnitude of whatever energy work you do. Live in a protected Heavenly Energy Sphere wherever you go.  New gift from Divine Mother.

Grant Ernhart, Certified Rolfer®, 3137 Hennepin Ave., #102, Minneapolis, MN 55408, 415.812.5031, grant@rolfingminneapolis.net, www.rolfingminneapolis.net -— Grant Ernhart, certified Rolfer®, connects clients to their bodies by using the hands-on technique of Rolfing® Structural Integration, along with movement education. Grant’s clients report an improved sense of self-awareness, balance, poise and relief from pain. Grant helps facilitate change and awareness in your body to support your well-being.

Healing Elements, 2290 Como Ave., St. Paul, 651.348.6216 -— Healing Elements is a multifaceted wellness center located in Saint Anthony Park. Our offerings are based upon a holistic, individual-centered approach toward wellbeing. We facilitate a space to inspire, educate and transform through yoga, tai chi, massage therapy, energetic healing and sustainably produced goods.

Heart of the River Healing Center, 44 St. Croix Trail S, Lakeland, MN 55043, 651.436.3387, www.heartoftheriverhealingcenter.com -— Providing heart-centered health and healing since 2012, Heart of the River, located in the St. Croix River Valley, offers Energy Therapy, Herbal Consultations, Intuitive Guidance, Massage, Nutritional Therapy, Personal Training, Yoga, and other various classes. You are invited to join our community — Hugs are Welcome Here!

River of Life Wellness, Dr. Michael Olson, 307 Cascade St., Osceola, WI 54020, 715.417.2957, drmike@rolwellness.com, www.rolwellness.com -— River of Life Wellness is a holistic wellness clinic that provides a team approach to health and wellness. Our services include thermography, Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET), gluten and nutrition testing and coaching, cancer health coaching, and healing therapies such as holistic spa treatment, therapeutic sound treatment, and quantum healing. Other offices in Vadnais Heights and Albertville, MN.

Total Health and Healing Center, 11417 Hanson Blvd. NW, Suite 101, Coon Rapids, MN 55433, 763.754.1482, www.totalhealthandhealing.com -— We are a heart-centered, natural healthcare center in Coon Rapids, MN. We have more than 70 years of experience and use a combination of techniques to identify and treat the imbalances in your body, mind and spirit. We help reverse disease and create health!

Tree of Life Healing, Colleen Picha – Energy Healer & Emotion Code Certified Practitioner, 507.649.0580, cmpicha24@gmail.com, www.treeoflifehealing.net -— Are you experiencing some physical or emotional pain? The “Emotion Code” is an energy healing technique that releases trapped emotions, which are harmful energies from negative past events. Clearing trapped emotions helps the body to heal. All sessions are done remotely, meaning you don’t have to leave work or home.

TriLuminous, Jenny Canfield, 1038 Centerville Circle, Vadnais Heights, MN 55127, 651.503.3705, Jenny@triluminous.com, www.triluminous.com -— TriLuminous provides mind, body and spiritual wellness and enlightenment services. Our practitioners offer holistic services with understanding, compassion, and empathy and provide insight, empowerment, overall wellness and individual growth. Services include intuitive, detailed and accurate psychic readings; soul journeys; hypnosis; energy healings; life and business coaching; and natural path services.

Wellness Concepts, LLC, Lynne Fredrickson, 952.314.2353, www.wellnessconceptsus.com -— Lynne Fredrickson, life and wellness coach and founder of The Anxiety Detox System™, teaches women to understand the root cause of their anxiety and depression healing it at that core level. She then guides them in reconnecting with their authentic self, making room to discover and live their life purpose.