Animal Services

Resources supporting our animals, and our animals' people

The following resources support our animals, and our animals’ people, in the Upper Midwest & Beyond. The Edge publishes Featured Business in its print edition every month except June and November, when The Edge Directory appears in print. The Edge encourages you to use these resources to support your journey in life. To appear in The Edge’s Featured Business listings, contact Cathy at 763.433.9291 or email her at

Animal Wellness Center, Cathy Lund, DVM, 952.469.8567, — Dr. Cathy Lund practices integrative medicine for cats and dogs in Lakeville. She is trained in Chinese herbal medicine, whole food nutrition, gemmotherapy, homeopathy and flower essences.

Cat Care Clinic, 1524 Mahtomedi Ave., Mahtomedi, MN 55115, 651.429.4153, — Cat Care Clinic offers a blend of Western and Eastern medicine. It is a holistic practice specializing in herbs, traditional Chinese medicine, chiropractic, nutritional therapy and behavior counseling. House calls are available in the St. Paul area.

llga Cimbulis, 612.385.3005,, — Ilga Cimbulis is an Animal Communicator. By communicating telepathically, Ilga is able to hear messages directly from animals. She has helped numerous people discover their animals’ wants, needs and concerns. Ilga specializes in household and interpersonal issues encouraging deeper understanding between animals and their people.

Earth & Water Wellness, 612.508.9606,, — In addition to being a very talented psychic for humans, Marie is gifted as an animal communicator. She can work with you and your pet to resolve behavioral problems, or to simply understand what is on your pet’s mind. Marie can help your fur babies cross over to Rainbow bridge. Pets and their owners are welcome at our office. A single session can provide insight for both human and pet.

Colleen Fogarty, 612.308.3605,, — Colleen Fogarty is renowned in animal communication. She is licensed/certified in massage therapy, Reiki, aromatherapy, needleless acupuncture, Reflexology, Touch for Healing, behavioral therapy and Infratronic Frequency Healing. Animal communication sessions via Telephone-Skype-FaceTime $70 for 45 minutes through February 2018.

Julius Veterinary Service, LLC – Dr. Shantel Julius, DVM, CCRP, 8665 Hale Ave. S., Cottage Grove, MN 55016, 507.820.2455,, — JVS offers house-call services for dogs and cats, focusing on in-home rehabilitation/physical therapy, acupuncture using TCVM, end-of-life and hospice care, as well as offering our equine patients acupuncture using TCVM, preventive care, and dentistry services. JVS will soon be offering spinal manipulation (chiropractic) care for all species.

Candy Mullen, 320.236.7852,, — Animal Communication: Candy has worked with animals for 29 years at Earthway Farm. She has an ability to feel and experience the message from the animal. Her methods of communication are gentle and respectful to the animal. She is very grounded in the Earth energies, which guide her in her intuitive abilities.

NonaJolene,LLC, 218.461.8590,, — Do you have a pet? Are you frustrated and wish you knew what your pet was thinking, feeling or trying to tell you? If answered yes to any of these questions, book your animal communication session now and let me help! Email, call or text, and visit my website for more information.

Radiant Pets, Kathleen, 612.388.7696 — As our pets grow older, their bodies change like ours do and they begin to feel the effects of aging. Balancing their energies will assist in lowering anxiety associated with loss of sight or hearing. For more information or to make an appointment, call Kathleen, a certified animal Reiki practitioner.

Mary L. Stoffel, 763.444.8146,,, — Mary is an Avatar® Master, Animal Communicator and Shamanic Practitioner. She is the author of The Practical Power of Shamanism: Call Mary to schedule an animal communication consultation.

Joan Stokes, St. Cloud, Minn., 320.203.9630, — Animal communicator Joan Stokes serves as a bridge between people and animals, helping you to: discover what your animal wants to teach you; learn your animal’s reason for being with you; gain clarity about medical/behavioral issues; and connect once your animal has crossed over. Learn more by calling or visiting her website.