Resources for coaching, in many forms, in the Upper Midwest & Beyond

The following are resources for coaching, in many forms, in the Upper Midwest & Beyond. The Edge publishes Featured Business in its print edition every month except June and November, when The Edge Directory appears in print. The Edge encourages you to use these resources to support your journey in life. To appear in The Edge’s Featured Business listings, contact Cathy at 763.433.9291 or email her at

Awake In Life, Alan Pritz, — Alan Pritz is an Interfaith Minister with a Minneapolis-based spiritual coaching-counseling-teaching and consulting practice. Having trained in and taught meditation for 32+ years, Rev. Pritz helps individuals, couples and organizations with meditation, spirituality, work/life balance, health, transition, relationships; all to promote optimal well-being, growth and fulfillment.

Kristin Johnson, CHHC, AADP, 952.200.4804,, — Kristin is a certified holistic health counselor in Apple Valley, MN, specializing in food sensitivities, digestive issues, weight loss and overall health. Each client will receive an personalized program specific to their needs. Contact Kristin for a complimentary, 60-minute consultation.

Dana Kadue, 612.770.6210,, — Dana is a leadership coach to catalyze and guide radical change. Dana’s clients seek breakthrough performance, connecting passion and purpose to become unstoppable. Dana uses a holistic approach, including advanced neuroscience practices. Clients describe the tremendous impact of her coaching to help build confidence, grow beyond previous limitations, and develop effective new behaviors.

Life Breakthrough Coaching with Kim Eisen, Master of EFT “Tapping,” 612.802.HEAL (4325), — Feeling off or stuck? Life coaching and emotional healing can help you transcend where you are to a whole new you. Kim uses state-of-the-art mindset techniques, like EFT “Tapping,” along with intuitive guidance and more. For the past 18 years, Kim has helped hundreds of clients move through their challenges to more joy and abundance. Visit her website for a free, 15-minute chat.

Jenner Linden, Mindset + Confidence Coaching, 612.500.1979, — Jenner helps women take businesses and passion projects to the next level. She practices NLP, Feng Shui, Kundalini Yoga, and crystal healing. Jenner’s unique mix of mindset tools and business savvy will help you effortlessly build a limitless future! Schedule free clarity session today!

Alexandria Z Noble, 952.237.0210,, — I have found through clearing all the bodies — mental, emotional, physical and etheric — of all that is not serving your highest good, and by getting to the original cause of imbalances and reoccurring dysfunctions, we create new perspectives and understanding that allows a profound healing, resulting in positive changes that flow through your life experience.

Amanda Rangel, IntraAwareness, Northeast Minneapolis, — Amanda works with those who want to experience something more in life and are ready to take action. Her specialty is connecting clients to their Higher Self so they trust the answers they receive within themselves, relying on nothing external to live in the flow of life.

Jeremiah Rangel, IntraAwareness, Northeast Minneapolis, — Jeremiah is a life and business coach, as well as an NLP and Hypnosis Trainer. Jeremiah has a systematic way to coach clients through any situation to meet their desired outcomes. Interested in becoming an NLP or Hypnosis Practitioner? He can also certify you through his internationally approved Certification Program.

Safari of the Spirit – Life Coaching, Sandy Thibault, 952.210.7459,, — Sandy Thibault provides Life Coaching to adults who desire to live more fully in the present, be more creative in dealing with life problems, and broaden their perspective about who they are. Using a four-step process, Sandy guides individuals who are ready to explore their present life situation, and move forward. Free 30-minute coaching call.

Lisa Severson, Holistic Life Coach and Energetic Healer, 612.800.4461, — Holistic Life coaching helps you get the tools you need to understand and work with whatever life throws at you personally, professionally or spiritually. Learn creative strategies to walk your path with confidence. Cultivate your joy and shine!

Ian Somerville, IntraAwareness, Northeast Minneapolis, — Ian’s coaching technique is perfect for those seeking spiritual insight and guidance with life path decisions. Those who have been dealing with unusual pain in the physical body find what they are seeking as he incorporates his certified Shiatsu and bodywork training into his coaching and hypnosis session packages.

Leah Somerville, IntraAwareness, Northeast Minneapolis, — Leah offers her clients coaching in a very sacred and compassionate environment. She guides clients to find the root of any challenge and gently releases or transforms the root cause. This process allows clients to move through any and all obstacles, and live the life they came here to live!

Mary Welch, 763.807.6872, — Mary has a degree in Transformational Leadership, and she is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, Landmark Education, and the Nine Gates Mystery School. “Mary has had great training and really understands the importance of a holistic approach to coaching,” says Dr. Elizabeth Berns. “She intuitively knows how to best coach people to overcome their blockages and self-limiting behaviors.”