Carol Lovelee, MA Intuitive Energy Practitioner, Author, Teacher

Energy Medicine to Heal, Calm Stress, & Create Your Life.

Carol is an innovator and creator of energy protocols that empower people from all walks of life to unlock their greatest potential, foster creativity, and transform work and play, so they can live the life they choose.

The tools Carol uses are designed to find and release the hidden reasons for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, symptoms that often go undiagnosed while wreaking havoc in ones life.

Known for her authenticity and spiritual vision, Carol melds her 24 years of experience, and unique insights, with the emerging fields of quantum physics, biochemistry, psychology, and brain science.

IMAGINE YOU more confident, bolder, and authentic, showing up every day as the very best version of yourself… actively creating the life you’ve always wanted and watching it unfold before your very eyes.

Carol offers a unique blend of ancient healing techniques and modern discoveries including: Eden Energy Medicine, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, EFT, Regression & Past Life Release, PTSD Release, Therapeutic Touch, Mindfulness, and Light Language Activations.

You can conveniently book your Private Session or sign up for a Wellness or Reiki Class online at  You can also follow Carol on Facebbook at

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